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Generally called Trekking called the nature intertwined with moments spent aiming to walk in a physical disability does not have 7 to 77 eat all nature lovers, these activities more enjoyable in order to hand carry'll materials in the following manner may be listed:...


In nature, we will use clothing and equipment as well as the ones used in daily life in terms of colors will vary. While in nature, multi-colored dress and a possible loss in case of accidents or from far away, trying to reach us by those who, he is easily noticed in my daily monotony facilitate our business we are estranged. In addition to the basic rules in these clothes can breathe easy handling characteristics and ensure a constant body temperature. Trekking will be in the nature of the activities required for mobility, according to our weather for at least 3 times as well as clothing we need to keep....


Today, quick drying synthetic clothing, flexibility, the insulating ability when wet storage considerably due largely to the lower layer is preferred. Direct contact with skin much better than the garments of wool provide insulation and a cold winter in the sub-activities should be preferred as the top team.


Will use as the middle layer of clothing and weather can vary depending on the duration of activity. This type of wool clothes on the floor as well as the usual common name in the polar species may be synthetic. General features are the front zipper, and preferably be hooded.

Mountains variability indicates air still larger than a fast windy weather becomes can the body's largest heat loss of the head than is outer layers clothing should not be cases hood heat loss prevented whether the trip safely continue the heat losses at its peak, and it goes the way gloves, remember that then the nature sine qua non in any one of our bags are also not forget that.

Finally, one other issue that should not be overlooked for a single thick middle layer of clothing instead of several small to be preferred. In this way, according to the weather auction floor number increases, as can be isolated between the layers of body heat through the air will be better protected


Activities will make the season, location and duration vary according to the above, but will use as sub-common features of these garments can be listed as follows:

Waterproof zipper in front and the lower arm, plenty of pockets, will not restrict our movements should be cut. Clothing insulation materials are produced entirely by wind and water, as well as prevent the inside air and moisture from the inside out, our body produces its own output to prevent moisture from within that we will get wet. The solution to this technology as yet been settled, and called Gore-Tex material was brought to the help of the climber. The microscopic pores of the properties of this material may breathe in when the water vapor ejected from the outside, prevents the entrance of water. Combined with an outer waterproof fabric GORE-TEX garments manufactured with zippers and seams in the insulating nature now we can stay for hours without fear of wetting.

Wear jeans instead of the bottom as velvet, wool or synthetic fabric which is quick drying properties of the produced amount of cold and wet body preferred when heavy pants.Kot not well established. GORE-TEX pants are made of materials that are available on the market.


The main features of the mountain is a good shoe is throated. Clutching his ankle on uneven terrain in the mountains will be a very common foot sprain prevented.

The lower and upper shoes will be evaluated in two stages. The shoes will be appropriate to the hardness of the planned activities must be selected. Here, the weight of the backpack should be taken into consideration. A relatively flat bottom boat will be used in soft ground, mountainous, rocky and broken ground to be used, must be hard. Wet shoes made for climbing and the rubber used in the tooth structure to provide a better grip. Vibra sole manufacturer of the most well known and used in accordance with various offers many alternatives. Spikes can be connected to the base feature is also available if you are not a stud as a separate cost item must keep in mind.

Leather or other materials used in the upper part. GORE-TEX lined boots will get you if it is not always the top material is sealed against water fill confirmed seller. Also added to the rubber band around the boat is exposed to severe conditions in the mountains will lengthen the life of the shoe.

To meet our needs for the base and top during our decision after giving up numbers to match our choice of boats coming. Feet in the mountains and trekking activities for a long time exposed to harsh conditions that tend to swell. Moreover, the specially manufactured for use with this type of shoe to wear thick socks with us in our selection process we have this kind of socks will be useful. Our feet with socks, boots we've tried this kind of ½ - 1 number must be greater. It just happens that when we tied the laces of her toes to nose contact with the boat should not be able to move freely. Our boat is not tied lace finger able to go between our legs.

Finally, you get new shoes before going into operation in certain cities should try and get used to our feet. It will soften the skin so that the shape of your foot and do the activities you will enjoy the trip without surprises.


Many of the best nature activities in a shoe without leggings Let's start by specifying one would not work.

Pants in our shoes as a result of contact with the rest of the snow-filled snow shoe in addition to the wet soil, gravel, sand to get into the shoes "of such material on constantly, will hinder our walk. Leggings still walking in the forest covered in tall grass or in wet trousers of waterproof material is produced from relatively inexpensive ones, as well as existing ones are GORE-TEX.

SML-XL to below the knee, such as whether the different dimensions to be taken....


Although high-quality backpacks loaded evenly distributed, although in nature we do activities during our backs carrying the load times are finally arranged in our and our body's other joints more intensely felt and exhausting become. At times a bag of long-term progression of joint damage and loads of ways to avoid exceeding the upper and lower parts of the body evenly distributed to ensure that should a baton. With the load evenly distributed so that We can use our energy more efficiently.

A person with a baton research at every step of the burden falling on the legs of 5-7 kg were decreased. This is done in nature, with ups and downs, 7-8 hours as a result of an activity with an effect on the bottom of the body about 350 tons burden is reduced through the baton.

Medically benefits as well as wet and slippery floors, çarşak crossings, deep snow walking in the baton balance protection of our lead us and in nature, the most common accidents of falls and ankle - knee sprain accidents minimize helps.

Nowadays, due to be portable, foldable when not in use two or three pieces batonlar are preferred. Baton is made from lightweight aluminum handles and user fatigue due to their not being ergonomic.


Mountaineering and trekking in the selection of shoes, just as we will use activities will vary bags will first need to determine our needs.

Lt. Lt. 80-100 25-30 starting from the manufacturer and the volume of up to offer the bags. Their daily walk and peak shape, starting from the bag, camping and expedition as is terminated.

Nature to be spent in a few days with us taking'll tent, sleeping bag, mat, stove, food, spare clothing and other needs of all can take a big bag as well as only the peak day for use in a daily fluid and food needs of our bivak bags, such as emergency supplies to put our a should have a small bag. Trekking activities are usually around 30 Litre bags are preferred.

Determine the volume of the bags we need before we've received from our shoulders the weight of the bag and give to our hips and waist, to ask the existence of vertical columns supporting the shoulders need to be sure. Male and female models as major manufacturers produce different bags together Let's remember that.

Backup system will move much more comfortable ergonomically initial purchase cost of a bag as it may seem a bit expensive, even the sweat of our backs km s forget themselves after the election how accurate we are able to realize.


Goose feather and synthetic, the two main types of sleeping bags have to be careful of when buying and using. Goose down sleeping bags, first light and less space than the others as well have better insulation properties. Very difficult to wet dry disadvantages. Therefore, humid and rainy in nature, are not preferred activities.

Synthetic-filled bag and keep a bit more space and weight in spite of moisture, even though they continue to keep warm and dry very quickly so they get wet. Holds the same temperature as the two goose down sleeping bag is much more expensive winter activities as well as at high altitudes should be preferred.

You plan to participate in activities you may encounter a few degrees below the lowest temperature you should choose a sleeping bag. Thus not affected by differences in temperature in the mountains, an unexpected pleasure to spend the night and the next day you can start fresh.

Within the principles of the heated air in the sleeping bag to keep the. That they are working with the logic thermos mummy cut than those with rectangular ones, within the space is less, provide better heat. Find comfort when the foot is part of a larger rectangular part of the people is preferable. By some manufacturers of different sizes (up to 200 cm, 230 cm) overall and even produced children can find it.

The degrees of overalls on them indicated that mean? The so-called comfort level (for example, -5): It delightful heat from cold to spend a night in your tent, you can. Max, maximum or extreme (eg -10) but the so-called cold will spend the night without freezing degree.

A final reminder, the overall entering the familiar dry clothes, your own, you will spend the night with a hat will be more comfortable.


Inseparable part of the sleeping bag with a matte base contact with the front of the tent we'll bag. We generally used as insulation mats are made of synthetic materials. Recently, with emerging technologies, much lighter and more comfortable swelling (3 - 5 cm thick) matte production is ensured.


Each person will be trekking to the nature of the activities will be of adequate size should start by putting a bag in front. Then be put in the ingredients lined up next to get to:

- Or a thermos flask for at least 1 type of water container Lt. lik
- Hats or caps
- Spare clothes and socks inside-out
- Raincoat or poncho
- Polar
- Gloves
- Leggings
- Get a flashlight or lantern
- Toilet paper or paper napkins
- Penknife
- Sunglasses
- Barrier cream
- If you have drugs, bandage
- Fully charged cell phone
- According to the activity foreseen for adequate food
- Energy in nature to give chocolate or dried fruit snacks (figs, apricots, grapes, etc.)
- Camera, enough film and batteries
- In highland lakes and streams afford to enjoy the area! swimsuit and towel for
- Baton
- Identity and other documents required

Review all the materials mentioned above and our specific needs or if there is a possibility of reprisal and the least we fill the bag of clothes from the start.

This material as provided for daily activities as a natural and trans transition in the nature or type of climbing activities should stay for our list we must add the following items:...

- Large backpack
- Tent
- Sleeping bag
- Matt
- Spare shoes
- Slippers or sandals
- January
- Lighter
- Kitchen equipment (cutlery, knives, plates, cups, pots, etc. ..)
- Sufficient food
- Soap
- Toothpaste, brush
- Candle
- Compass - GPS
- Paper, pencil
- First aid supplies and
- Litter bag

Also a more advanced level of technical materials for use in the camps should be included on this list ...

In light of the information we provide outlines, will provide materials, to enjoy nature, to record our album of photos you want to remember the sweet memories

Do not forget!


Before security,

After tolerance

And ultimately to share.


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