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Panaghia (Virgin Mary) Monastery - Trabzon

     Maçka district of Trabzon province in the south of Montenegro, which was built on the slopes of a hill to the monastery, the monastery of the Virgin Mary is said by the people. Mary (panaghia) the name of this monastery was founded, because "Sümela" name basis, which means black-and-black dark molasses is said to have received the word. Eyice'ye holly says: "Previously there respected figure on a black Virgin Mary and the mountain is named Sumela Oros Mela-Montenegro is due to the monastery" is acceptable.

     According to the legend of the founding of the monastery Sumela: the nephew of two Athenian Barnabas Prophet Meryem Sophronios dream of 'I saw the Virgin Mary in a vision of them and place them to a monastery, has described how they would go....

    History and legends, this matter should be left to one side, the history of the monastery and then to examine the possible transfer of Trabzon komnenosları. If a new facility here in the City II.Alexios built in 1360 by 17 meters in height, 40 meters long, 14 meters, width 72-room facility built. King City that they had given gifts to the monastery and the rights of the people have provided support.

    City, taken by the Turks after the Ottoman Sultans did not touch the rights of the monastery. Monastery Yavuz Selim (1512-1520) was a gift of two candlesticks. Also in Trabzon II. Mehmed conqueror of the report also recognizes the rights of the monastery housing a decree by Sultan Beyazit, I. Selim, II. Selim, III. Murat, İbrahim, IV. Mehmet, II. Süleyman, Mustafa, and III. Ahmed has been reported to the edict issued .

       In 1962, steps and door repair and is being tourists to visit a favorable situation has made the splendid buildings of those who admired. 1972 in the ruins as a visit to the drop-down buildings into the forest from within 25-30 minutes paths such as the monastery's 200-meter closer to the small vehicle with a reachable.

    The area of the monastery by the Ministry of Forestry and National Parks have been taken to the Ministry of Culture status in accordance with the actual repair is ongoing.
City's tourism, an important place in the city from the Sumela Monastery of each individual is absolutely necessary to travel.


Vazelon Monastery - Trabzon

14 km to Macka this monastery. Right after the 3 km to reach the gravel. Bridges located within the boundaries of the village next to the monastery in the valley of the private sector has operated trout farm and restaurant.

Structure, Vazelon name, founded the "Mountain Zabulon" received opinion is a strong possibility. Choose where to residents of the desert monasteries, give an air of sanctuary to be more like him? Many researchers, although not exactly the history of the building: construction of some of the history of the A.D. 270, A.D. 317 as others indicate.



These St. The table also rumored to be Luka'nın taking with them are set out by sea came from Trabzon and the steep slopes of Montenegro in the church have decided to set up. In the period of Theodosius (375-395) to establish the first stone church. This date, if not exact founding date of the facility between the dates mentioned are thought to have been made. According to some researchers this is Anno Domini According to some in the 385 was built in 472 are indicated.

Between 527-565 years has been repaired by Justinian. 644 in February of the year whether the library is enriched cells completely repaired. With 702 years it has been renovated substantially in subsequent years. Maçka's up to the monastery Vazelon 13. century 20. century economıcs, social and cultural life of the land in keeped on.14.yy.da effectiveness, and revenue in 1890, continued until the twenty villages. Vazelon monastery formerly found in the area of the monastery is the most authoritative and most claimed that in the case of the rich. According to a rumor that comes with Vazelon done a Sumela monastery. 19.century İngilizce terim monasteries have been repaired thoroughly. Are entered into the building with stairs in the western part. Since they are broken stair, up. Building careful when removing abandoned in 1923. Today, after repair and tourism from Sumela is thought to be gained....


Gregorius Peristera Monastery - Trabzon

This monastery, Trabzon Esiroğlu towns of Gaul called the region Kuştul (boxwood with) Esiroğlu town way to the left Gaul valley following platform-elbow-shaped rock on a sitting structure, such as a castle, the valley on a hill overlooking established. Macka on the road and have the power to an independent authority, which is the third monastery. A.D. 752 is said that the monastery was founded in the year 1203 be looted, abandoned. Re-established in the year 1393 be the beginning of 15 th Century, but still won the grand old importance. Was destroyed by a fire in 1904 after the big one more was built.

This monastery also in Trabzon, like other monasteries were established around a sacred cave and spring.



Altındere Valley National Park - Trabzon

Location: Eastern Black Sea Region, within the limits of the town of Macka in Trabzon is located.

Access: Access to the National Park area, in the province of Trabzon, Macka district 48 km highway that links are provided.

Feature: National Park with the main features of the Sumela Monastery wide range of flora and fauna Altindere structure represents.

Established on behalf of the Blessed Virgin Sumela Monastery, 300 meters on the eastern slope Altındere was built in amplifier. In the initial spread of Christianity around the monastery, chapels, churches and other complexes have an important place in art history.


According to legend, the 4th century since it was founded following the date of the alleged monastery is possible. City kamnenslarından 3 Alexios (1349-1390) is considered the real founder. The huge facility to supplement the Blessed Virgin 1860'a become the most brilliant period of the 19th century monastery has survived.

Entered the monastery with a long and narrow stairs, aqueduct, library, kitchen, guest rooms, cisterns, which later turned into a church, of course, hollow, holy water was collected from the pool and meet many visitors. Leaning building directly up the slope, the main monastery of the monks is the structure of the housing. Structure of arched galleries of the most impressive sights on the leaves of admiration. Altindere bottlenecks, have shown the character of land east and west is a steep sloping down to the valley.

The national park is very rich in flora and vegetation of the region dominate the eastern spruce tree. In the field also leaves and coniferous trees of fir, pine, chestnut, oak, linden, hornbeam, willow, black pine, forest rose, Caucasian honeysuckle from occurring a rich flora diversity is worth seeing the natural environment, wildlife, presented for the living conditions of deer, roe deer, hook horned wild goat, wild boar, bear, wolf, coyote, fox, wild cat species to live and reproduce, such as has enabled.

Where to see: the name of the Virgin Mary Monastery founded by Sümela Altındere valley wide range of flora, landscape beauty and wildlife resources of visitors creates an absolute must see.

Existing Services and Accommodations: The park has undergone the intense influx of visitors for the period from early April to late October with the express.

National Parks in the area, the monastery tours (with the trail), hiking and picnicking available. Altındere a day use area also can stay in the bungalow.


Rize-Kaçkar Mountains

  Rize and Hopa is among the years in length can be observed sharp glaciers, azure lakes, all shades of green with forests, exuberant rivers, innumerable plants and animals and a natural park view The Kaçkar Mountains highest hills Altıparmak (3480 m.), Understanding the ( 3932 m.) and Verçenik (3710 m) is.

Easy-to-south route of the output K is visited every year hundreds of mountain climbers. Eastern Black Sea mountains, fog, or if you can watch the spectacular display. The northern route more experienced climbers prefer to make the summit from the north, and another advantage is that you can come back to the spa in the Ayder.

How much easier to climb the mountain during the summer months in the winter is so difficult to climb. Snow fills the valleys during the winter months, will cover the plateaus and the houses are destroyed. Moreover, the slope of the glacier is always appropriate to the avalanche falls.

Time to climb:The most appropriate time for summer climbing in August and September,
The most appropriate time for winter climbing February and March,

In general, the features, granite, prussiate, granodiorite and andesite has a structure consisting of stones. Fluvial and glacial erosion as a result of severe hard and gained a faulty view. The sea began to rise in the northern slopes of this mountain is covered with thick forest cover. Kaçkar from west to east runs into 3 sections. Verçenik in the west, in the middle of Understanding and is located in the East Mountains Altıparmak.

The easiest access is from a northerly direction to the kackars transport. This direction over the Trabzon-Rize-Ardeşen Camlihemşin to go. 75 km of this road. To walk in the direction of peak Kaçkar Ayder is possible to stay at. Here "The Kavron - Top Kavron" to the foot summit can be reached via Kaçkar.

Climbing to the summit of understanding (from the north):

In preparation for the final ascent Ayder 'is done. If you are prompted with the car top Down and Understanding of Understanding "will go up. Top of Understanding between Kavran walking down is going to take 1.5 hours and 2 hour hike up to 2900 m. From Kavran height Boğaçayırı (Öküzçayırı) locality is reached and the camp is established. Understanding the various peaks of the mountains around the camp climbing can be done. The Kaçkar highest peak (the clutch), (3932 m.) camp in the south will rise location. Will have 7-9 hours to climb the peak from the north.


Climbing to the summit of understanding (South):

Yusufeli, Barhal, Highlands (Hevek), Mature Games, Meretet the climbing route is followed. Erzurum Yusufeli Mature reports are done by means of local transportation. Yusufeli also request at any time it is possible to rent a car. Yusufeli final preparations are made. In nutrition, the lack Highlands (Hevek) can be obtained from the village. To live in accommodation available in this area. Car is going to mature neighborhood. To set up the tent camp sites in this region are also available. Equipment rental also is possible to move the animals.

  Highland village, which is the main camping area Dilberdüzü locality 5 hour walk to get there very easily. Day trips around the main camp and climbing peaks will be made available over the camp to the summit of Mount Kaçkar are different climbing routes. 9-10 hours to climb the peak have climbed to camp instead. Spikes in the months of August and September, digging is not needed. The Dilberüzü Kaçkar peak campground (even the big mountain) will remain in the north. Peaks are seen over the camp. In order to see the peak in the south and southwest of the camp location you need to climb hills and 30 minutes. Camp location is 3000 meters height. The transition from the two routes are possible. Go to the mountains in the south route is the possibility of Altıparmak.

Altıparmak Climbing Mountains:

From the climb begins to the north, and Dutha Ayder plateau is reached. Agveçur, Kaçkar and spread of the camps established Zigam Karatas (3492 m) and Altıparmak (3480 m) peaks are reached. People started to climb from the south by car to the village of Erzurum Altıparmak Barhal income. 5 minutes on foot from here to arrive at the camp are Karagol. Every climber's campsite, their technique is based on the desired peak.


Storm Valley - Rize

Kackar Mountains, north slopes of the Valley of the storm has a very steep slope. Average annual rainfall of 2.000 mm in the valley above the fog and are under continuous high-cut. Alluvial river forests (alder), temperate broad-leaved forests (beech), needle-leaved forests of spruce, broad meadows, all native to the eastern Black Sea, such as boxwood forest habitat can be found here. Valley, 537 woody plants, 109 birds, 23 mammals, 21 reptile species makes the hosting. Storm Creek, the area remained untouched until today when a single stream, particularly the hydroelectric power plants to begin construction, road construction, tourism and beauty of those lopsided development is threatened.

Valley of the storm along the boxwood forests is decreasing due to illegal cutting. Kackar Mountains National Park is located adjacent to the border as a corridor, into the storm to receive the stream from the expansion of the field is mandatory to protect against threats. WWF Turkey, Kaçkar Mountains National Park Protection and Development Association in cooperation with, "Kaçkar Mountains National Park and effective protection for the Study of Storm Creek and Information Studies" for conducting.


Uzungöl Valley National Park - Trabzon

Location: Eastern Black Sea province of Trabzon in the region and within Çaykara.

Transportation: Natural Park 25 km from Trabzon. Caykara 19 km. away. 49 km from Trabzon. "Of the state highway No. 010 in meters, then 27 km. Send Çaykara is reached. Çaykara 19 km from the park can be reached by road.

Feature: Rich vegetation, wildlife and scenery of the area because of having beauty in 1625 hectares has been allocated as Natural Park in 1989.

Spruce is the dominant tree species in the Natural Park of the East. Beech, fir, yew, bearded, alder, hornbeam, hazel, Istranca oak, mountain elm, maple, alder creek inside the walnuts, chestnuts, fauna, as a mammal goat, deer, bears, wolves, wild boar, marten, badger, bobcat, coyote , fox, rabbit, squirrel, wild ducks, birds of prey, lake and brook trout, fish, amphibians and reptiles are different.
The main stream of the field (Holdizon) Demirkapı der. Uzungöl this stream with rocks that occurred due to closure of the front is a lake.
Existing Services and Housing: Application of the Natural Park of the season from early April until the end of October continues.

Daily picnic, you can walk around the lake. Also in the Natural Park of the accommodation units are available.


Hagia Sophia Museum - Trabzon

  Being used today as a museum, Hagia Sophia Church in Trabzon, Trabzon Komnenos 1.Manuel time of the kings of Empire (1238-1263) was built. G. Finlay in 1427 by British traveler and researcher in the history of the church bell tower is located in the west. The three churches in the north of the apse of the chapel ruins of an earlier period should be.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet after the conquest of Trabzon structure and foundation works have been translated into a mosque. Hagia Sophia, for centuries, pilgrims came to visit the city and has attracted the attention of researchers. Evliya Celebi told the celebrity on the City (1648), Pitton de Tournefort (1701), Hamilton (1836), Texier (1864), Trabzon Sakir Sevket (1878) and Lynch (1893), among people who care structure. 

In 1864 the mosque was in ruins with Bursa Riza's promotion is known to repair all over again. I. World War II years, respectively, in warehouses, hospitals, and later used as a mosque again. General Directorate of Foundations between 1958-1962 and was restored in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh in 1964 after it was opened as a museum.

A good example of late Byzantine churches, the building is a square-cross plan and has a high central dome. The building has entrance hall, called Nartex three neflidir. Beşköşeli naves in the middle, a rounded apse with the latest offers. There is a chapel on the narthex.

The north, west and south of the entrance are three porches.

Dome and the rim is edged by twelve. Monobloc four marble columns, domes, arches and pendants are moved to. Changes in the structure around the main dome, arches, giving the roof tiles are coated with different heights.

Shown a superior piece of craftsmanship and plastics, as well as Christian art, Islamic art of the Seljuk period, the effects are seen. The front porch in the north and west, including common geometric medallions decorated with interlace, west side of the common characteristics muqarnas niche is the Seljuk stone carving.

The south facade of the building is magnificent. Creation of Eve, where Adam is described in case of a frieze in relief.

Keystone of the arch on the south side of 257 in Trabzon, which is ruled Kommenosların monocephalous eagle motif is a symbol. A similar depiction of an eagle on the eastern side of the main takes place outside of the apse. In this front, such as the griffin kentaur mixed assets, doves, stars and crescent in the center of the square panels, floral motifs and medallions are located inside.
Under the main dome of the structure encountered in the part of the opussectile style multi-colored mosaic of a place is made of marble.

Important part of the decoration of St. Sophia which constitute the subjects were taken from the Bible is portrayed in the frescoes.

Described in the main dome of the Prophet. Pantacrator Jesus Christ's divine direction is reflective. An inscription at the bottom of this zone, the lower the frieze are the angels. Window is depicted between the twelve apostles. Different compositions are included in the pendant. Jesus' birth, baptism, crucifixion, the scenes are depicted as the Day of Judgement.

Circular arches on the rear of the building is devoted to portraits in medallions. Taken from the Bible in the vaults of the structure of religious scenes were animated.

Hz in the apse. Mary Jesus in her arms and sides with figures of two angels have been depicted.

The gates are the four saints on the north wall.

Narthex, which represents writers of the Bible in the center include the four symbols.

Sophia long history, the centrally planned structure, a high pulley with a dome, circular and polygonal apses, grand portikleri, stonework and frescoes and historical value as well as the history of art and important a monument as a living today are.

Hagia Sophia museum will be nationalized at the end of 1993, participating in the 900-square-meter land area, the Governor's support and assessment of local facilities as a result of the Village House Exhibition was opened in May of 1996.

The purpose of the exhibit, do not go to the folk culture and to protect the value of saving a portion of the museum's visitors to us, albeit small to provide a snapshot of village life.

Created for this purpose in this area today are also serving regional dishes as well.

  Serander in the area, the Upper Barracks Of N County received donation from the village, whether the numbers of parts dismantled serander 85-year-old was rebuilt under the supervision of a master. "Serendi" and "mullet" adlarlada As mentioned, this structure of portable grain drying and storage is planned for Public Architecture in the Eastern Black Sea has a very special place.

Seranderin well established as a portable home villages, small scale and is single storey. For this, our city, Surmene County, above the old houses in the village of Aksu rölövesi be selected from a sample extracted were based. Traditional-style houses built in the ancient building techniques in the construction of the masters who were working. Pass technique, the two chestnut trees in front of the blank-eyed charm, others eyed charm is filled with stones and soil. Wide eaves and tiled roofs and is four shoulder.


Atatürk Pavilion - Trabzon

After the declaration of the republic, autumn trip abroad with the name of Atatürk's largest cruise started from Dumlupınar. Bursa Atatürk arrived here September 12, 1924 Hamidiye cruiser had departed from the Mudanya. Through the Bosporus to the Black Sea was opened, the morning of 15 september 1924 11 00 also came to Trabzon. Atatürk Trabzon was greeted enthusiastically by his close friends with him and had his wife Latife Hanim. Came straight to the council. In the afternoon, and laying the basis for them to go to the kiosk in Soğuksu rested. Mansion built in 1913, the Special Administration of the Republic after the declaration was passed to the owners. Four-storey building with basement. The large room on the third floor was the bedroom.     

That day evening, the mansion's lower level City Hall Mayor Kazazoğlu Hüseyin, gave a dinner in honor of Atatürk had made a speech. Atatürk this conversation answered: (Gentlemen, almost all the City people monolithic intimately to the audience if the saw. Women, children and elders in the eyes I have seen tears. What's up emotion, what compassion, what dignity is.) Said City residents thanks.

The next day, schools, hospitals, textile factory, visit the morning of September 17, 1924 after his departure from Trabzon to Rize went off.

After a visit to Atatürk's City Palace which belong to private management, Trabzon municipality and presented to Atatürk were purchased. A delegate of Trabzon arrived to Ankara and the Atatürk Pavilion of the deed and the keys were handed over. Atatürk on November 27, 1930 arrived from Samsun to Trabzon with Ege steamboat when he spent the night again at the mansion, after two nights stay, he returned to Istanbul. Pavilion now (Ataturk mansion) known by name, the Pavilion took pride with the people of Trabzon.

  Atatürk's third and last arrival to Trabzon encounters on June 10, 1937, came from Istanbul to Trabzon with Ege steamboat, Atatürk directly arrived to his mansion, had spent two nights in the mansion. This latest development in the: (of goods and property a burden to me is. These folks my donation will be relieved. People of wealth of his own morale should be. Me great nation in my many more things I want to.) Well, all goods and property assets to the Treasury has forgiven before a notary public registered had. On the morning of June 12, 1937 Atatürk returned to Istanbul from Trabzon.

After the death of Atatürk, City Council, the Ataturk Museum in Atatürk Pavilion decided to open to visitors. Atatürk's belongings and photographs exhibited. Pavilion today at the entrance, the first coming of Atatürk Trabzon is suspended from the full text of his speech. The small room on the right, the full text of the speech Atatürk hangs. The small room on the right, and his life is packed with photographs of his visits to Trabzon. In the adjoining room chairs and sofas are the rest of Atatürk. One of them is the following sentence is written on the plate. (Atatürk, on June 11, 1937, persons belonging to a nation they command of their signature treatment here.) The Other Room, Atatürk's dining room is furnished as.

Mansion's third floor of the bedroom, bathroom, aide room, study hall is. City mansion with extensive gardens blooming today as one of the most beautiful house is known, in the management of the municipality as Atatürk Museum is open to visitors

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